Soulscape Fasion Art

Beautifully handcrafted, one of a kind, eco and vegan friendly fashion art items are now available. Beautify your wardrobe with the Souscape Fashion art collection.  Shop Here - Soulscape Fashion Art Collection by Vida

Soulscape Home and Lifestyle Decor

Sprinkle a little Soulscape sparkle around your home with the Soulscape Home and Lifestyle Decor, for a colorful, boho home infusion.  Shop Here - Soulscape Home Collection

Soulscape Art Showcase

Soulscape Art and Slate Venues - where art and space come together for an uncommonly eventful venue for your wedding, reception, or corporate event. Please contact me for a private showing of my current fine art collection.

Fluid Art Compilation

Autumn is a time of harvest, to reap the bounty of the previous seasons'  hard work. As we look forward and transition into the new season, it's  important to honor the path we have walked that has led us to our  bounty; the winds of change promise a time of pause and reflection for  gratitude for all there is, and all there will be.

In honor my artistic journey and the tremendous amount of growth art has brought into my life over the past year, this video captures the evolution of my art.

Abstract Art Compilation

What a year of art it has been. From finding my footing into the mystery of the world of abstract art, to refining my technique and purpose, the breath within the breath of art itself.