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Art is Caught, Not Taught

Contemporary abstract art with a penchant for expressing the divine, Souslcape Fine Art takes the viewer through a visual landscape of highlights and ethereal color palettes, that leaves one enchanted by their own inner landscapes. 

"A lover of all things creative, I thrive in colors, movement, and texture in my art. I have always believed that everyone who has loved you and you them,  every experience you cherish, and every struggle and triumph in this  human experience is infused into every piece of art; simultaneously,  subtly, and often times vicariously when words are inadequate. Art,  especially of the abstract, can be a powerful voice, an expression of  the artist's essence and real authenticity.  

When  we tap into that field of creativity and inspiration, the flow washes  through the spirit, which then acts as a filter onto the canvas.  Art  then, is who we are, all at once, in every piece. Such is the  abstraction of life."  - Lauren Dickinson, Fine Artist

Read more about Lauren Dickinson and Soulscape Art and see CV here.

Thank you for dropping in! Please feel free to email any questions, design, or collaboration ideas. I love supporting my fellow artist and would love to connect. 

Designers and collectors, look no further than my gallery page to start your next design project! I would love to start your custom project, please contact me for a complimentary in-home design. 


2019 Events

Please contact the artist for a private showing of current collection. Please see CV for full exhibition details.

The Other Art Fair (Saatchi Art), Booth 113

Market Hall 

Dallas Design District

September 19th-22nd

Spectrum Miami, Booth S604

Miami Art Week 

Wynwood Arts District

December 4th-8th

On View at:

Soulscape Art Gallery at Slate Venues, Richardson

Bowl Mami, Carrollton

Qorvo, Richardson

American National Bank, Forney

Boi Na Braza Steakhouse, Las Colinas

Baylor Scott & White Medical Center, Forney 

September 19th - 22nd

The Other Art Fair

All day

Market Hall, Dallas Design District

Event Details

September 19th - 22nd

The Other Art Fair

The International and highly acclaimed The Other Art Fair from Saatchi Art London is coming to the Market Hall in the Dallas Design District. VIP showing on Thursday, September 19th. Email for exclusive VIP tickets. 

All day

Market Hall, Dallas Design District

December 4th - 8th

Spectrum Miami

All day

ArtSpot Miami, Wynwood Arts District

Event Details

December 4th - 8th

Spectrum Miami

In conjunction with Miami Art Week and Red Dot Miami in the Wynwood Arts District, this highly sought out and international art fair will be filled with a sensational selection of artists, boasting celebrity and international patrons alike.

All day

ArtSpot Miami, Wynwood Arts District

Soulscape Art Gallery at Slate Venues, Richardson, TX.

Soulscape Art and Slate Venues, where art and space come together for an uncommonly eventful venue for your wedding, reception, or corporate event.

Soulscape Fashion Art

Beautifully handcrafted, one of a kind, eco and vegan friendly fashion art items are now available. Beautify your wardrobe with accents of Soulscape Fashion Art.  Artist and designer Lauren Dickinson brings her abstract art to ethically sourced fashion accents.

Soulscape Home and Lifestyle Decor

Sprinkle a little Soulscape sparkle around your home for a colorful, boho home infusion.  Shop Here - Soulscape Home Collection

About Soulscape Fine Art

The Artistic Journey


Art has woven a beautiful tapestry throughout my life. What started  as sketching portraits for fun led to taking all the art classes I could  as electives in high school. Little did I know that I was opening a  previously dormant fountain of creativity that carried me through high school and into Art College for a number of semesters. Due to external  circumstances and life events, I was unable to complete my studies at  that school, although I didn’t let it stop me entirely. I received  acceptance into every program I continued to apply to, including the  prestigious Cornish College of Arts Visual Arts program in Seattle.  Major family events hit; life still had other plans for me at the time,  and I had to let go of my dream – temporarily, as life would have it.

It has been a journey of picking up the brush again throughout the  years. Inspired by love and the profound healing process I was  experiencing through my healing arts career, one summer day I let go of  all expectation, and just started again. Paint started randomly covering  all of my old attempts at art throughout the years. I stayed with it,  and unbeknownst to me at the time, I was discovering the freedom of  expression of abstract art. 

The wellspring of creativity, now  reactivated, has overflowed onto the canvas of my life with fluidity,  vibrant color and a rediscovered passion. Finally life has what it had  been missing for so many years – a return to Art, where my heart was  hiding; and could finally come out again. Such is the promise of  pursuing what is deepest in our hearts – divine love. 

Home Décor


Working with natural elements and infusing them with contemporary design, Soulscape Home Collection is the perfect blend of nature inspired luxury and modern décor. Custom pieces with welcome collaboration for your unique taste and style will create truly one of a kind statement pieces for your home. From kitchen counters to home goods, we would love to beautify your home with a vibrant collection of everyday art.

Soul Art


Contemporary abstract art and design, bringing soulful light into your home or office space.  Custom commissions available, as are art classes and workshops for your private events, speaking engagements on a number of Fine Art topics, and a number of ways to enjoy Soulscape Art through originals or Limited Editions.


We would love to keep in contact with you about upcoming art shows, special promotions, and our art blog to keep the artist in you inspired. Art is something that is caught, not taught, and we welcome you to catch it with ongoing art inspiration, motivation, tips and tutorials.

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Custom Artwork Available

Together we design a perfect masterpiece for your home. Visit our online gallery for creative abstract art ideas, to shop for originals or limited edition prints from artist collections.

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