Lauren Dickinson, Fine Artist

Artist Statement

I have always believed that everyone who has loved you and you them, every experience you cherish, and every struggle and triumph in this human experience is infused into every piece of art; simultaneously, subtly, and often times vicariously when words are inadequate. Art, especially of the abstract, can be a powerful voice, an expression of the artist's essence and real authenticity.  

When we tap into that field of creativity and inspiration, the flow washes through the spirit, which then acts as a filter onto the canvas.  Art then, is who we are, all at once, in every piece. Such is the abstraction of life.

About the Artist

Art has woven a beautiful tapestry throughout my life.  My art background includes formal studies in fine art and graphic design, having been creating art in various mediums since childhood.  I attended a small art school in Washington for a few semesters, which inspired me to transfer to bigger schools. I received acceptance into the Art Program at Fairhaven College at Western Washington University in Bellingham, and the prestigious Cornish College of Arts Visual Arts program in Seattle. Major family events kept me from finishing my degree, but the creativity remained as I focused on other career interests, namely in the healing arts thereafter.  My journey in the healing arts has included extensive energy work, spiritual life coaching, and Shamanic studies. Although I tried to pick up the brush again over the years, my wellspring of creativity remained elusive until the beautifully expressive world of abstract art opened itself to me, where my latent creativity and innate love for art has absolutely flourished.

My work is infused with stories, symbolism, and a rich palette of colors that evoke the awareness of each viewer's own hero's journey. My expressionist style and often figurative images invite the viewer deeper into their own divinity, as they connect with the universal principles of the collective consciousness.

I am deeply awe struck by the beauty and growth art has given me both personally and professionally, and it is something that has brought me a profound catalyst of healing to my spirit. I strive to inspire others through my work to follow their passions, and to always create that which they were created, to create.

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